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Yair Shilhav - CPA

Mr Yair Shilhav ([58]), CPA, has over 30 year of experience in the practice of accounting, including being a senior partner of KPMG Israel and has served as a director in public companies over the last decade. Mr Shilhav was involved in several large scale governmental projects such as privatisation of governmental companies and consulting private and governmental entities in the energy sector. During his tenure as a partner of KPMG Israel, Mr Shilhav was in charge of the auditing of several companies in the food industry, and provided consultancy to the Osem group. Mr Shilhav received his Bachelor’s degree in economics and accounting, as well as his Master's degree in business administration (finance) with distinction from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem, and served as a University Lecturer in, and as the head of, the accounting department at Haifa University.​

areas of expertise

  • Company valuation

  • Investigative Auditing

  • Accompanying tenders

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